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The procedure for registering a Daycare business within South Africa as experienced by us: Childcare Assist. 

Please ensure that this is the path that you want to take. Starting a proper Daycare can be expensive and a very daunting task and caring for young children can be strenuous and hard work. With that said, it can also be the most fulfilling thing you can do. Do not get caught up in the money side of things and see this as a calling and an opportunity to be the first stepping stone in a young life, a stepping stone for future success or failure and that option is in your hands. Keep this in mind and the money and success will follow.  

Now if you have decided to continue, please follow these steps and you will be well on your way to owning a registered Daycare business.  

The registration process works in 5 parts.

·         Company registration

·         Municipal registration

·         Social Development registration

·         Health registration

·         Fire clearance registration

Company registration.

You have the option to register your business either as a NPO (non-profit organization) or a (Pty) Ltd (Private Company). Please contact us for assistance with this process.

Municipal registration (consent use application).

We call this the most important process of the bunch as Social development, health nor fire will consider further applications unless you have been registered with your local municipality.

This application is called (Special consent use application). Most Daycare businesses are being operated from a residential premises, business consent must to be obtained from your local municipality to do so.

Before you contact your local Land use office to start with this application, you have to have in your possession the following.

·         A suitable premises for Daycare business

·         A copy of the building plan, site plan, title deed, a recent rates and tax invoice for the premises as well as the owner’s consent.

·         Daily schedules and class routines.

·         Teachers, owners and principal accreditation.    

Once you compiled these documents you can now contact your local Land use office to obtain the criteria and application forms for this application. Please contact us for assistance with this application.

Social Development registration.

Contact the social worker in your district to get information and arrange for an interview.

The social worker will explain the Child Care Act and Registration requirements with you. He/she will take you through the registration procedures, minimum standards and monitoring evaluation processes. You will also get your application form and some guidelines from the social worker. You will also need the following as part of the application.

·         Business plans

·         Constitutions.

·         Childcare policies

·         Guidelines

·         Daily schedules

·         Daily menus

·         Owners, Principal and teachers accreditation.

·         Clearance certificates for all staff.

·         Daycare certificates.

·         Financial layouts

·         Building plans

·         Lease agreements.

No incomplete forms will be accepted. All documents required are to be submitted with the application form to enable the evaluation process for registration to begin.

When the properly completed application form and all relevant documents have been received, the social worker will visit the premises. Please contact us for assistance with this application.

Health clearance certificate registration.

Contact the Environmental Health office in your district to get information and arrange for an interview.

Fire clearance certificate registration

Contact the Fire marshal in your district to get information and arrange for an interview. 

Childcare Assist have a range of services to assist you with any of these applications. Please fell free to contact us.