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In that great jungle of work and parenthood, nothing can cause parents more stress or more relief than their childcare arrangements. But with so many Childcare providers out there, how’s a parent to find a provider that will help rather than hurt? 

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07/02/2015 08:33:30 AM
There is an unregistered aftercare at 86 Truenorth Road Mulbarton in Johannesburg south. This house is on a main road and you see the kids are not being looked after and not supervised they threw a stone at my car whilst I was driving past last week. where was the adult supervision?
when I wanted to report it to the police I was told that I need to get the aftercare details which I cannot find anywhere and not sure of who the owner of the aftercare is.
You cannot just open an aftercare and not register it. It is such a big risk and even for the poor kiddies, this definetly needs to be seen to as you can see there are alot of kids running around there at that house.
07/01/2015 10:20:38 PM
Vida Bebe Creche - Rondebosch is a home away from home.